Case Studies

Business Problems Shared Are Problems Halved

Constructive action When the recession hit the construction sector, one historically profitable small family firm faced a dramatic dip in profits and cash dried up. When Finton Doyle was asked to help, we transferred the old partnership into a limited company. This was an efficient tax planning measure. However,...Read more

Successful Individuals Thinking as Businesses

Professionals in business   A consulting surgeon working in the NHS also had a considerable private practice that he ran on a self-employed basis. Lacking proper advice, he allowed his profit to be taxed at 40%. With his NHS salary absorbing his basic rate band, the introduction of a...Read more

Management Buy-out – Mentoring the New Team

Staying calm and thinking carefully Don’t panic! That was our key message to the new team heading up a management buy-out that happened to be working in the technically-demanding nuclear component inspecting sector. Yet this is often the very best advice we can give to many SMEs – a...Read more

Allowing Managers to Manage

Illusive success Enthusiastic, driven and committed to ambitious expansion plans, the co-founder and MD of a new company testing products for the nuclear industry was frustrated that his plans were being held back despite his best efforts. Much to his surprise, the bottleneck proved to be himself – rushing...Read more

Failing Family Firm Becomes a Winner

Sound company with an uncertain future A family retail company had for years been reporting healthy profits, but was suddenly faced with a crisis – it was running out of cash, fast. With the bank threatening to call in the administrators, the majority of the Board were resigned to...Read more

Bright Ideas with Solid Foundations

A passionate and creative serial entrepreneur saw her businesses in leisure pursuits and property development hit by recession as cash flow dried up. It was then that she realised that while her intuition had successfully driven expansion, growth was haphazard and...Read more