Financial Director
We can review your financial, budgeting and stock control systems and, with our outsourced Financial Director service, help you take control of these vital business areas.
With our help, business owners can produce a variety of tools to analyse past performance and prepare for the future. We can drill down to the finest detail or step back to take in the full picture. We can also look at cash flows, help predict peaks and troughs and plan to bridge funding gaps.


Tailored Financial Systems
Producing regular management accounts will help you stay in control of your business. We’ll provide timely financial information so you always know where you’re up to.
We also work with our clients to unlock the secrets of their accounts, turning numerical data into meaningful information. This means that you can better understand your financial performance and control your business interests.

Takeovers, Mergers and Consolidation

With a mature business growth can come from a number of different areas as the company changes and develops. New markets open up, new opportunities arise. Finton Doyle will not just advise you on the tax consequences but give you practical support as you manage these processes.
We can assist with the identification of targets and with due diligence reporting, and with operational and strategic reviews of your own business.

Profit Extraction
Earning a profit is difficult enough but maximising your return and minimising your liabilities to HMRC can seem like an impossible task. We can help you mitigate your personal liabilities by looking at tax efficient remuneration, for both you and your staff.


Finton Doyle can help and guide you through the processes of change within the business, helping you as you prepare the next generation to take over the management of the company. This could be by way of Management Buy Outs, Management Buy Ins or other forms of succession planning.


Every business has a value and it’s ultimately what an independent buyer is willing to pay. At Finton Doyle we will help you value your business for both internal (eg shareholders) and external (eg HMRC) reporting. But we don’t stop there; we will help you maximise value of your company should you be looking to sell.