Time for Change?

We help companies to grow and succeed in both the good and the difficult years. But when it’s time for change, Finton Doyle will go on working with businesses – and business people – well beyond the point of sale.

Meanwhile, your present aim may be to maximise profitability in the lead-up to a sale, increase the value of your business, create strategies for extracting profits, or prepare the way for the next generation.

Retirement Planning

With all that’s involved in the day to day running of a business it’s easy to overlook the planning of your eventual retirement. However distant it seems, careful and timely planning now will allow you to make the most of the options available later. We’ll help you construct a plan for your ideal retirement.

Exit Strategies

Planning for your exit is vital so that expensive mistakes can be avoided. Not only will we look at the tax angles, but we’ll also look at the wider issues such as rebuilding your balance sheet to maximise the value of your business in the run-up to a sale. Making early decisions will give you the best chance of bringing your plans to fruition. It will also enable you to plan for change and the impact it will have on you financially. We can bring our expertise to bear in looking at both the business and taxation aspects of your proposals.

Selling your Business

We can help with the disposal of your business to the existing management team (buy-out) or a brand new team (buy-in); not only will we advise you on the tax and business issues, but will look at any role you may wish to retain in the company going forward. We can also provide an independent valuation for your business to help with Inheritance Tax planning, Capital Gains Tax planning and for insurance purposes.

Moving On?

Change isn’t just about retirement. It could mean a whole new venture: new business avenues to explore, consultancy roles, charity work or even mentorring new businesses as they begin their journey. Whatever the situation Finton Doyle will continue to support you as your professional adviser.