Accounts and Financial Reporting

It’s a fact of life that every business must produce accounts. But accountancy is about far more than simply fulfilling your statutory duties, or finding numbers to go into your tax returns. Accounts are the documentation of financial performance, giving you vital information about how your business has developed and guiding you to a better financial future.

At Finton Doyle we work with our clients to unlock the secrets of their financial accounts. We help to turn this numerical data into meaningful information. This means that companies and individuals can better understand their financial performance and control their business interests. With our help, business owners can produce a variety of tools to analyse past performance and prepare for the future. We can drill down to the finest detailed or step back to take in the full picture.

Some ways we help our clients are:

  • Producing regular management accounts – providing timely financial information so helping you stay in control of your business.
  • Performing profit margin analysis – helps identify profitable and under-performing product lines or services.
  • Assisting with target setting for financial performance – helps you focus on all aspects of finance, leading to better cash management and profitability.
  • Business plans – these are an important management tool that not only help you identify business goals, but work out how you’re going to achieve them and what it will cost.
  • Long and short-term cash flow forecasts – these can highlight potential shortfalls, making sure you’re not caught out and that funding is in place.
  • Reports for insurance purpose – to assist with claims for loss of earnings.
  • Systems design and implementation – giving you relevant and reliable financial information.
  • Producing statutory accounts for limited companies and LLP partnerships – ensuring businesses are fully compliant with relevant legislation.