Planning Services

Planning in business is so important that it is second nature to successful entrepreneurs. But planning isn’t just about having a vision – though that is important – it’s about working out in detail how you will get to your ultimate destination. It’s like having a road map for your business.

At Finton Doyle we see this as a partnership. We actively encourage our clients to talk to us about their business plans and ambitions, and we work out ways in which we can help put their plans into motion. This can include

  • assisting with the development of a business plan
  • helping raise finance for expansion
  • exploring the impact on the business of different scenarios and ideas
  • looking at tax efficient remuneration and exit strategies
  • reviewing the business in the light of long-term plans for personal and family finance
We recognise how important a business can be to its owners, not just in terms of the income it can provide, but also in terms of personal fulfilment and development. That’s why we’ve developed Wealth Protection Strategies to help business owners protect what they have worked hard for.
And we don’t work in isolation. We will work alongside your existing business advisers – whether they’re solicitors, mentors, performance coaches or IFAs – and if you need expert advice that we can’t provide, we have a panel of tried and tested professionals that we can call upon to help.
For more information see the Wealth Protection Strategies section of our website.