Tax for Businesses

Depending on your business structure, your business tax will either be Income Tax payable by sole traders, partnerships and LLPs under Self Assessment, or Corporation Tax payable by companies.

No mater which system you are under, Finton Doyle will always strive to keep your liabilities as low as possible whilst remaining compliant with the many laws and regulations of our complex tax system – ensuring that returns are done when they should be, and that you as business owners have the relevant information to ensure that you know what to pay and when to pay it.

And if it comes to an investigation, we have the resources and the experience to guide you through the process and negotiate any settlements with HMRC on your behalf. We also have an insurance-backed tax investigation protection scheme, which will ensure that the costs of any investigation are covered.

We also cover taxes on payroll – PAYE and National Insurance – not only advising on the routine aspects of paying your workforce, but also on how these taxes can interact with other areas of taxation, and how to reduce your burden overall.

VAT is another important area of taxation that can present traps for the unwary. We can prepare VAT returns on your behalf, advise on whether your business should be registered and the pros and cons of registration.