29th April 2013

How to Spot a SCAM Email From ‘HMRC’

Many of our clients have received emails claiming to be from HMRC but which are in fact a scam. They almost always tempt the recipient with a ‘tax refund’ which will be processed upon the confirmation of personal information, any of which could be used for a variety of criminal activities.So, how do you spot the difference between the genuine  and the bogus?
Rule 1 – HMRC emails would be from an address ending in  and not, .com etc
Rule 2– In our experience HMRC would never email details of a tax refund via an unsecure email address. The information for tax refunds comes either by letter or through the online Government Gateway, which has to be logged on to by the taxpayer or their agent to access the information.
Rule 3 – HMRC do not ask for personal information or details of bank accounts via email. Again this information is communicated in writing, via the Government Gateway, or it can be done over the telephone once security clearance procedures have been carried out.

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